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Is Canada the New Choice for IT Talent?

Updated: May 31, 2019

The Global Talent Pilot Program is Canada's hot new program when it comes to attracting talented IT professionals looking to immigrate. The program is aimed at attracting top talent to Canada's tech industry by fast tracking approvals. The Federal government can issue a work permit under this stream in less than two weeks.

This is very desirable for IT professionals

who are looking to immigrate quickly in their field. Conversely, as the United States has been the first option for IT professionals in the past, it is quickly becoming less desirable of a country to immigrate to under the current government. Similar work permits in the US can also take months to be issued.

Since the launch of this two-year program in 2017, more than 1,000 Canadian companies have used it to hire more than 4,000 highly skilled foreign workers. Due to its high success rate, the government announced in March 2019 that it has made this pilot program permanent.

Within the application process that the employer must submit, they are required to create a plan that details their commitment to generate lasting benefits for Canada, including jobs for Canadians and investing in training and skills development.

If you are an employer in the IT sector and are looking to recruit top new talent from abroad, the Global Talent Pilot Program could be the perfect program for you.

Contact us to assist you in applying for this program as an employer and find the talent you are looking for to add value and top skills and expertise to your company.



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Please refer to the Globe and Mail article for more information:

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